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Bangle Hanger - Jade & Emerald - FUMI -


Bangle Hanger - Jade & Emerald

$ 14.95

Ready to see yourself and the world from a different perspective?  Wear our rejuvenating Jade & intoxicating Emerald bracelet pursehook.  Vivid and sleek, this promising color-combo promotes your spiritual growth, expansion of self and renewal of your vigor and energy. Prepare for happy and harmonious relationships, with yourself and others......smell the flowers, touch the ones you love, and share your heart with others in affirmation of plenty!

Jade blesses whatever it touches; as the ultimate "dream-stone", jade releases negative thoughts and irritability while soothing your mind. By stabilizing your personality, you integrate your mind with your body.  As an amulet of good luck and friendship, you gain wisdom gathered in tranquility, ultimately dispelling negativity and encouraging you to see yourself as you really are...

Emerald helps align your heart to love freely from your core; this fluid color invokes calmness, hope, abundance and generosity, suggestive of the concept of eternity. 


The FUMI is a Pursehook, a Bangle Bracelet, and a Purse Accessory. It is the new Patented designer way to store your purse while in public. It stays on the outside of your handbag for easy use. The rubber pad grips any surface and has a bypass to ensure it stays on the outside of your handbag.


Perfect to use in restaurants, theaters, public restrooms, casinos, and more!


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